Saturday, November 19, 2011

All the leftovers become.... Veggie Burgers!

Now I make about a litre of Almond milk every three days or so (see below) and Christiane feeds copious amounts of vegetables into the juicer from time to time. Both these activities produce wonderful things to drink…. And lots of leftovers. Like Almond and Vegetable pulp respectively. I always think it’s a shame to just throw this stuff away; there’s still so much nutrition and flavour in there.

I’ve already written about making a very tasty hummus* from Almond pulp and you can also make a passable cheese alternative from it (there’s a recipe for that here:

But for something different try this twist on a veggieburger….

I use a cup and half of Almond pulp and the same amount of Vegetable pulp to make six burgers. This time around the vegetable pulp was beetroot and carrot… next time? Who knows? There is no fixed formula here.

Add one egg, a tablespoon of tahini, two tablespoons of Olive oil, a chopped onion, a cup of fine chopped celery, some fine chopped dill, a little salt, pepper, a teaspoon of ground coriander and a little Garam Masala.
Vary the spices according to your taste. These work for me.

Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly. You need to have a stiff paste that will hold together so if it is too moist then add a little more vegetable pulp. Leave the mixture to stand for half an hour or so before cooking.

Form the mix into burger sized patties, dust with flour and cook on a very hot griddle for about five minutes each side. It helps to oil the griddle plate lightly and even to drizzle a little oil over the burgers as they cook.

My personal opinion is that veggie burgers often taste nice but can be dry and have a bland texture. The tahini keeps to them moist and adding the onion and celery along with the raw vegetable pulp helps to vary the texture. As with everything, experiment and twist it round to your own liking!

* Since writing that recipe I have learned that ‘Hummus’ is in fact an Arabic word for chickpea. My dip has no chickpeas in it so I guess I’ll have to rename it. Hey ho….